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June (and Summer) is here! - Suzane Northrop

June (and Summer) is here!

June (and Summer) is here!

Most of us are all in the mood to celebrate the month of June. On Monday, June 21, Summer arrives. That’s usually a good day. Hope you enjoy the day and the entire Summer.
It seems so long ago since last June when things were so problematic. But now, this year, we can once again celebrate graduations, weddings, and just about everything else that is observed in June.
So many of us are thrilled to celebrate “Father’s Day” on Sunday June 20, the day before Summer begins. This year, grandfathers can see their grandchildren whom they haven’t seen in person, in a year or more. For those who have fathers who have transitioned to the Other Side, send them some Love. And be alert that a message from your deceased dad may send you a message. His love for you will never die.
Of course, students who have worked so hard can be very happy at the end of the school year. A time to celebrate, and have fun during the Summer.
So many of us are chomping at the bit to do the simple things that are truly very important. I have said over and over throughout the years of my work, it’s the simple messages—the little things—that are dear to us. Those moments are the most important gifts in our lives.
Recently, I got to celebrate my partner’s birthday in a restaurant. Happened for the first time in a year. What a truly special occasion. Eating out is so much a part of our lives. After a year of not being able to go out and eat at a restaurant, well, that was simply Heaven!
In my world of connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, I know how life can change on a dime. Sad times often occur. However, it’s those significant moments that remind us how in so many ways that we are all blessed, as we look back. Remember the good times as those moments of loss appear. Focus on the positive, I would suggest.
I just finished my webinar after a year of COVID restrictions. Somehow, we got thru the “pandemic.” I have to say that the most amazing message from everyone in the webinar group was how blessed they were. Yes, there were people at the webinar who had endured a personal loss. I have to say I was really taken aback, but I was also very touched by how things affected so many people in so many ways.
Digging deep within ourselves allows us to really know how much of life’s most significant events help us during the challenging times in our lives.
For some parents, the worst thing ever experienced is the loss of their son or daughter. They would say in the same breath, “I would not be the same person without that experience.” Every time I hear parents say that, I am in awe and amazed how powerful those words are.
However, connecting with the lost child on the Other Side can give you a special feeling, as you connect with the Infinite, and realize that life goes on.
It was during this past year that so many aspects of grief for so many, came to the forefront. However, during life, we are often tested. If we are never tested, we’ll never know how strong we can be.
I for one will be taking in all these June moments, and am always amazed at Mother Nature and her blessings. You can hear the birds singing outside. They certainly sound happy.
On my website, you can see all of my June events. Check out what’s new in the Dead People Society membership. Also, I’m doing a small group on June 22nd and a Gallery event as well. Tune in!
Finally, June is the month when we have “The Afterlife Conference”. This year, that event will again be online. There are really wonderful practitioners and speakers to listen to. Check it out!
Wishing you all a great June!
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