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Contact - Suzane Northrop


Interested in registering for an event? Want to know more about Suzane’s work, shows and products? Want to learn how you can connect with her? Simply fill out the form below and click the “submit” button at the bottom. We will respond within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).

For a more immediate response, please feel free to contact Suzane’s office anytime at 888-692-8111 or via email at We look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: If your inquiry is regarding a Seminar, Gallery or Seance, please indicate the location and date of the event in your message.

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Ask Suzane!

Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back the monthly Ask Suzane column! Here, you have the chance to submit questions directly to Suzane to answer. We may also choose yours to be read/featured in her monthly podcast, Dead Peoples’ Society!

* Due to high volumes, your question may take time to be answered via email from Suzane. We will reach out if yours is picked to be featured on the podcast. Have questions? Email us at