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Let the Lightning Fireflies Shine! - Suzane Northrop

Let the Lightning Fireflies Shine!

Let the Lightning Fireflies Shine!

Happy July! Where are the fireflies (lightning bugs) who are clearly doing their electric thing!
As I sit on my porch every summer, I can remember I am still drawn and amazed by watching the fireflies sparkle in the dark. It always reminds me of those little things. Those moments that are truly cherished bring on wonderful memories.
The importance of sunrises and sunsets, walking on a beach, or on a mountain, or sharing an enriched conversation with someone who happens upon our paths. These are just a few of the very cool and special activities that often happen around July 4th.
All things go with summer – friends, family getting together, and enjoying this time. And of course, remembering those loved ones with whom we have celebrated who will be there in Spirit.
We are now in July where many can’t help skipping a day to play with the kids, or be once again themselves. The month for many to sit outside listening to crickets and be amazed by the stars. Or go to an adult camp!
I just had a wonderful full weekend at “Omega Institute” in Rhinebeck, NY. One of the few places adults (and there are also weekends for family and kids as well) can go, and indulge in a full weekend or week to take just about any spiritual workshop you could want. It is in one of the most beautiful places in the country where you just get to go to your workshop! Your room is yours (unless you share). No food to cook, shop, think about money, and walk around in beautiful surroundings.  Take that class you’ve always wanted to.
I did a workshop with my friend and colleague Austyn Wells. She is a medium, and so much more. A special weekend was shared with Austyn and me. Laughs, tears, and meeting other souls on their journey to let us all know we are connected, and not alone.
If this is something for your bucket list, check it out and you won’t be disappointed. It goes until the end of October.
I am thankful to all who attended. A workshop with Ausytn and sharing with others was truly special.
I will be doing an evening of messages at the end of October with a Terri Daniels workshop as well.
One of the themes that was so strong at Omega, especially about the weekend, was that almost everyone felt such a strong need to realign with their soul and spiritual selves.
I couldn’t help feeling how today is so very, very important for all of us. Never forget we are together spirit first, and utmost living in a body for the earth experience. So think about this for maybe your own summer camp. After all, summer is supposed to be summer camp, water, sun, trees, and all the rest of Nature.
Your soul and body deserve both, and more importantly, the soul and body need both!
Warmly and love,
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