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Dreams - about loved ones in spirit - Suzane Northrop

Happy July! Time for Fun, Fireworks, and Fireflies!

Happy July! Time for Fun, Fireworks, and Fireflies!

Be on the lookout for those amazing fireflies, for they are so wonderful to watch. They don’t stay around very long so enjoy their light during the evening Summer nights!
The sense of “life” returning this July makes the return of the fireflies feel even more special, since we just started to really get back in the swing of things after June. And now we have all the July celebrations, BBQs, and other gatherings coming up with friends and family.
The other day at the grocery store, I had to stop and think, “Where is my sanitizer?” As I searched my purse, it felt really weird. Then I realized that I didn’t actually have to use a sanitizer, or be beholden to my sanitizer as much.
On another note, as I have always said, you never know what you have until you’ve lost it. Something precious may be taken away in a moment’s breath. So enjoy what you have while you have it.
If there is one thing that my world of connecting to our DPs (dead persons) has taught me is that anything from losing a loved one, or losing your home, job, etc., can happen in a moment. Thus, cherish the precious moments that do exist because things can change on a dime.
Again, precious moments should not be taken for granted. I know everyone of you would do most anything to have those wonderful past precious moments back again. But do remember, life goes on after our time here on Earth has passed.
July is often called the “month of freedom” in the U.S. because July 4, 1776 was our first Independence Day. The Continental Congress declared that the U.S. would no longer be ruled by King George III and the rest of the monarchy in Great Britain. We became a free independent country when the American Revolution began, and when the Thirteen Colonies were inaugurated. (For all you numbers folks, 13 is considered a very interesting number in numerology.)
So during this July, we can celebrate freedom during parades, firework shows, BBQs, vacations, traveling, etc., and just have fun. Do enjoy this precious time around the Fourth of July, because it’s been just almost a year and a half since the “pandemic” started.
As of now, I’m still doing sessions, webinars, galleries, and meeting with my Dead People’s Society via Zoom.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I can see you in person, face to face. Looking forward to that day.
Meanwhile, have a happy Independence Day, and a great rest of July!
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