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It’s time to reconnect - with Loved Ones, Ourselves and Each Other! - Suzane Northrop

It’s time to reconnect – with Loved Ones, Ourselves and Each Other!

It’s time to reconnect – with Loved Ones, Ourselves and Each Other!

That song tips off our next season of bright colors. Trees are painted and crisper. Days and nights are welcome.
Autumn Equinox is September 22, 2022! Summer hasn’t yet ended.
The Fall season is kind of like Spring, but it’s Autumn transitioning to Winter, here in the US.
Both seasons give a spark to begin new projects. There is direction in our work. Each of us know a personal life. So many things we’ve been waiting to begin our next steps.
I always love how somehow our natural cycles and rhythms in life and directions align with Nature. We may not think consciously about Nature, but our mind, body, and spirit do feel.
I heard a gentleman say out loud the other day when he was climbing into his convertible, and he expressed the idea that, “Why is Summer the shortest season?” I couldn’t help but smile seeing I was on the same page as was he.
Things reminded me that our beings just naturally become aware of seasonal changes.
Already, the past is in August. Here comes September!
Kids have now remembered enjoying August (without Summer school). Of course, September is around the corner—and then comes school.
Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed the wonderful end of August and are now welcoming the beautiful and colorful Fall of September.
For all of you who have not had the special opportunity to travel in the Summer, maybe travel in the glorious September Fall. Or later. Watch out for the hurricanes.
There are so many wonderful places to see marvelous colors in September. I would suggest, however, avoid the crowds. In New York State, leaves and trees are lovely.
September is a very cool time to explore, maybe one of your favorite hobbies like bird-watching, Nature walks, and Fall gardening.
Yes, Fall gardening for plants such as lettuce, and other greens, prefer cooling temperatures.
On another note, I will be stepping out and doing several in-person events—my first in a couple of years. I still love to connect with you folks in person. I will be catching up with seeing so many of you that I haven’t in a couple of years.
I must confess that connecting on Zoom has opened a world where I’ve got to “see” you, if you’ve never met in person. That has been very special to me during this time. Connect with many of you from all over the world.
<<<Drum-roll>>> I’ll be in Omega upstate NY, New Hampshire, Long Island, Baltimore, Massachusetts and of course Connecticut.
As always, it’s a privilege and honor to remain connected to so many of you throughout my many, many years of doing what I love!
Warmly with much love,
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