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August Leo energy is sizzling - Hot Time Summer in the City - Suzane Northrop

August Leo energy is sizzling – Hot Time Summer in the City

August Leo energy is sizzling – Hot Time Summer in the City

Yes, it’s hot in the cities. Even in England, it’s not truly normal. As quoted from Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”.
I know so many of you folks are gardeners, nature lovers, and just love being outside. It’s fun to be walking, and if possible, gazing at the ocean. You can even notice how the animals, plants, and just about everything, are in a whole new cycle.
This year in the Northeast, it’s been one of the most beautiful Springs we’ve ever had in a long time. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have commented about this past Spring.
With so many changes happening in the world, how do we all stay centered and define our own rhythms? I always look to the younger people who have to adjust. For them, in a way, it’s got to be very hard. Kids can figure out how to play, even while playing “war”. Things are different now.
After all, recently, the upcoming years were supposed to become a bit freer. Certainly, the pandemic didn’t help.
So, how can we stay in our center and wade through all that’s going on? You have to do the research for yourself.
There is always one thing I keep in mind and that is this: remembering our DPs (Dead Persons), and the challenges they had while they were here.
I so vividly remember talking to an audience around 2008 when the stock market crashed. One young lady stood up and asked, “Are we ever going to get our money back, or will we lose our homes?” You can imagine the silence in the room, after that question.
Life by the way doesn’t come with a manual. While we exist here on Planet Earth, we have to deal with the loss of a loved one to the Spirit World. It’s all part of the same playbook called “LIFE”.
On another note, did anyone in your family live through the 1929 Depression? That’s about 93 years ago. Is there anyone in your family that lost money but then somehow got it back during (or after) the Depression Era? I’m just wondering.
I suggest you ask your DPs to give you some guidance during your meditations or prayers. I’m sure they can help.
So, now regarding events like climate change; or that inspiring young man who is working tiredly to change the gun laws. Every one of us has something special to give.
Make changes or just do the little things that make a difference in someone’s life.
Did you get to hear about what someone did that was really amazing? Think about it.
So, on this last note, it’s Leo’s month. A month of having more fun in the Sun. Maybe dip in the pool, lake, or river. Somehow cherish the rest of Summer.
Meanwhile, drink plenty of water and enjoy the sunshine!
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