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Welcome to September 2021! The Equinox arrives on September 22. Yeah, the beginning of Fall. - Suzane Northrop

Welcome to September 2021! The Equinox arrives on September 22. Yeah, the beginning of Fall.

Welcome to September 2021! The Equinox arrives on September 22. Yeah, the beginning of Fall.

Fall (also known as Autumn) is usually the time that everyone is ready to get back on schedule. But it does look like there might be a few glitches we’ll all have to adjust to this Fall.
I too had to adjust to the Summer rains in my garden. I was reminded of this when someone from my recent DP (Dead Person) gallery came forward. A mom in spirit, an avid gardener, raved about her bread and butter pickles! Now I don’t know about all of you but I was raised on them. Fortunately, I live with someone who makes great bread and butter pickles. She wasn’t raised on them but she certainly knows how to make them!
While gardening, I wasn’t able to do my part because of all the rain. My cucumbers weren’t happy. They don’t like too much rain. This past July, the rain seemed to never stop in the Northeast! Thus, I did not get the crop we had hoped for.
Just as I has to adjust this Summer, I’ve been thinking about how so many folks have to adjust to the upcoming Fall. But what I do know is that it’s the little things in our lives that are very important.
Children will be going back to school, seeing friends, and catching up about the Summer. On another aspect, the only constant that we have in our lives is Love. Now, that may mean different things to different folks.
Life doesn’t come with a manual. On one hand, you know Fall is coming, you just don’t know what that may or may not mean to you. We remember the hurricane’s devastation last year, and we hope it doesn’t repeat itself this year. Many are wishing, hoping, and praying.
Life continues in a cycle. I continue as always to say, there is one constant in life, and that my friends is Love.
There is not a person on this Planet Earth who does not want to be loved. That is my take. Now, that could mean many different things to many people. But to be sure, there is not a person on this planet who does not want to be loved, period.
In many ways, most of us learn our important lessons and/or feel our greatest joy. As in all things, we need to pay attention, just as all living things do. Plants, animals, trees, and yes humans, we all need to pay attention.
There is a new Netflix show called “Modern Love.” It’s based on New York Times letters and stories about different people’s lives. They are like mini-vinyets. The stories involve all the very different ways in which we love. I must say the romantic in me was touched by those stories which have all kinds of Love involving all ages, sexes, different countries, etc. Maybe watching “Modern Love” will cheer you up and be touched emotionally. Love does manifest in so many different ways.
I personally have never understood why so many people feel all Love is the same. Love is not and never will be, perfect. You can’t make someone love you, not truly.
The world is full of Love songs, books, movies, etc., the list goes on and on.
I hope to see a few of you in September or later in the Fall. I’m still limiting my in-person contact and yes, relying on Zoom since again travel is limited.
However, I must say that I am happy to have all the contacts and still see all of your faces on Zoom.
Be well, and take care of yourselves. For those you love, send it out into the world.
Yes, the world needs Love!
My Love to all of you.
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