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Welcome to February, the month of St. Valentine! - Suzane Northrop

Welcome to February, the month of St. Valentine!

Welcome to February, the month of St. Valentine!

Welcome to February, the month of St. Valentine! A time for sending and receiving cards, flowers, and other gifts–and special times spent together.  Remember though that matters of the heart are truly personal, so there’s no need to limit your valentine to a romantic expression.  I know many mothers who give valentines to their children, and many sons and daughters who in turn give their mothers valentines!  While it’s rare for fathers and their children to exchange valentines, some do, and hey, why not!  It’s all about Love! Enjoy!

Love, like everything else, is a vibration or energy.  And so is prayer, which is a topic I want to focus on this month. I’m often asked, “Do our DPs hear us, and do they hear our prayers?”  The answer is yes, absolutely!  Indeed, prayer can be used to create healing vibrations that transform our own lives and assist our beloved DPs on the Other Side as well. Also, thru prayer, we can prepare ourselves to receive our DPs’ transmissions, by letting them know of our love for them, and showing that we want to hear from them.  Never think that your prayers are not felt or heard-they most certainly are!

One of the most respected members of his field has shown time and time again how prayer can have a very positive effect.  Of course, I’m talking about Dr. Masaru Emoto, of whom I’ve written about before.  His philosophy is that with the power of prayer, all of us can be conduits in healing the planet.  He demonstrated the validity of that message in July of 1999, at a ceremony offering prayers to Lake Biwa, which had been extremely polluted.  About 350 people gathered and participated.  A month later, an article came out in the newspaper saying that this was the first year they didn’t receive hundreds of phones calls complaining about the foul smell from the lake!

In a recent article from the magazine “Pure Inspiration,” there was an interview with Dr. Emoto which focused on his discoveries regarding the power of prayer, and especially his observations about the power of water.  As I recently took a walked along the beach, I couldn’t help thinking about Dr. Emoto’s philosophy in relation to the greatness of the ocean. The ocean does, without question, take your breath away with its magnificent beauty and power.  More about Dr. Emoto’s theories can be found in his books, “The Hidden Messages in Water,” “The True Power of Water,” and “The Secret Life of Water.”

When thinking about the power of prayer with respect to water, I am reminded that throughout history, most indigenous cultures have had a deep respect for Nature.  They also had ways of giving back, ways to say “Thank you,” to show their gratitude for what our Higher Source and Mother Earth have given us.  Native Americans and other indigenous cultures have always believed that Nature is divine, and have always demonstrated a deep respect for that which we are only part of.  Indigenous cultures engage in many celebrations as a way to communicate with the Spirit of Mother Earth.  A form of prayer, if you will, and in the big picture, a demonstration of Love.

As you enjoy your Valentines Day and all of this February 2012, remember to send thoughts of Love to all who are near and dear to you, whether here in the physical, or on the Other side.  Feel free to include a message to Mother Earth and add an extra dash for those who could use just a smile, thought, or a phone call.  And meanwhile, remember, your DP’s can hear your prayers sent on their behalf, for energy is everywhere and everything!


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