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Trust your inner soul to guide you thru these rough times - Suzane Northrop

Trust your inner soul to guide you thru these rough times

Trust your inner soul to guide you thru these rough times

Welcome to “the middle” of Summer!
Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, this is obviously a very difficult time. Ideally, during August, we’d just want to go to the beach or the country, relax, hang out with friends, travel, etc. If there is any month that we want things to become “normal” again, it is the month of August.
Nowadays, we are of course in so many ways being tested on just about everything. Our beliefs and our responsibilities to our family, friends and our community, are demanding things of us. And those demands right now are very difficult. As I’ve said before, this is truly a time we need to dig deep and know in our hearts that we are “ALL” in this together. No one, and I mean no one, is exempt.
This is also a time when we can truly watch how children somehow figure things out, like how to play even with the many restrictions imposed on them these days.
Children are much more intuitive than adults. Now, I’m certainly not implying that dealing with these times is easy for children or adults, but what I do know is that you can trust your inner soul to guide you thru these rough times, no matter how difficult things may get.
I was recently listening to a program where a single mom was crying thru the entire interview, feeling she had let her children down. At one point, she was able to buy a home but then got laid off from her job and became unable to pay the mortgage. It was hard not to feel her pain but somehow I knew in my heart that her children would somehow help her get thru this. As things turned out, the town in which the single-mom lived provided her with a place to stay until she could figure things out. Now that’s charity!
In these times, many of us can look back and remind ourselves how our ancestors dealt with the hardships during the Great Depression. Somehow, they got thru it. Remember, you are their blood, and you have it in you to pull from them, and pull together as they did during those extraordinarily difficult times.
It’s interesting to note that some of the greatest literature, art and music were created during times of hardship. It is also during rough times that many of us feel a need to help others who have less than we have.
I recently got an email from someone who has always felt that she had a wonderful solid connection with Spirit and her DPs (dead persons). She confessed to always being there for others when needed but felt now, when she personally needed that same kind of support, there was no support there for her. Something I’m sure many of you have as well experienced.  Some of us are more giving.
My thoughts are, don’t worry. You are not alone. Someway, the path will be shown to you. It may not be a Hollywood extravaganza type of experience, but watch for it. The guidance will appear, perhaps in a way that you may not suspect. Trust what you feel. Don’t over-analyze. If it comes to that point where a decision has to be made, I suggest that you consider making that big leap of Faith.
In the meantime, while all of this is going on, do what you can to breathe in these wonderful days of this Summer of 2020. Don’t miss enjoying the moments that are available. You may not be able to do exactly what you want to do, but I believe you can approach and perhaps even exceed your usual goals with an adaptation or substitute.
Oh, and if you may need help with this or that, ask the youngins or four-legged ones around you. Somehow they always figure things out.
What’s new? Well, you can check out my new “Dead People Society” (DPS) group. Availability to join and participate will be launched in August on my revised website. This feature quite literally reflects my 30+ years of work. If you are interested, I hope you will be able to subscribe.
Until I see your faces again, sending thoughts of Love to all of you!
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