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Her ability is unparalleled and invaluable. - Suzane Northrop

Her ability is unparalleled and invaluable.

I first met Suzane back in 1984. I’ve had numerous readings with Suzane and have also studied with her. I’ve been amazed by the accuracy of her readings. Suzane’s ability to state specific names and places and to identify passed loved ones through unique and personal objects and anecdotes is unmatched.

As far back as 1985, Suzane told me that I’d be married and living in Georgia for the majority of my adult life. Being a 23 year old from L.I., I was shocked by this and had absolutely NO INTEREST in or plans of loving south.

Sure enough, in 1989 I was married and moved to ATLANTA as my husband was attending school there.

Suzane also identified many details surrounding my parents. My father was always a skeptic and when he was about to pass away a few years ago, one of the last things my dad said to me was, “Been together a long time . . . you and me.” I asked him what he meant and he described the past life Suzane told me my dad and I had had together. I was floored.

I highly recommend Suzane to anyone seeking clarity and peace in connection to a deceased loved one. Her ability is unparalleled and invaluable.

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