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Remembering Loved Ones - Suzane Northrop

Remembering Loved Ones

Remembering Loved Ones

Interesting that so very often, there are hearts in the messages I receive. Very nice to see those hearts.

Many folks get tattoos of a heart, usually on their upper arm, in memory of a loved one, perhaps with the loved one’s name in the center. That’s certainly one way to express everlasting Love.

Of course, there are flower arrangements in the shape of a heart at almost every wake, signifying Love for the person who has passed.

Recently I was doing a reading for a young lady and her grandpa came through, mentioning a heart. She freaked out asking me, “Did my mother tell you that?” I told her no. Honestly, when doing readings for family members I need to insure the utmost privacy for each member. Apparently this young lady had had a big argument with her mother when she told her she wanted to get a tattoo. Of course, I couldn’t get in between them and referee, but I would say that it is up to the individual adult to determine whether or not to get a heart tattoo.

We all express our need to show our “hearts” for loved ones in Spirit, and tattoos are certainly one way to do so.

I have found that tattoos are especially popular when a younger sister, brother, niece, or nephew etc. crosses over, seemingly before their time. Sometimes, family members and friends will share the same tattoo for a loved one who has transitioned prematurely.

At other times, a person will choose to use the signature of the person who has passed away, and/or their palm print, as a tattoo.

God knows there are so many creative ways we can share our Love for our loved ones.

As I always say, we don’t stop loving a person simply because they’ve left their bodies. Nor do they stop loving us. Which is why they send us so many messages to let us know that they are still around.

It is always up to us to keep our hearts and minds open to all possibilities.

So let’s open our hearts a little more and celebrate the month of Love, especially Valentine’s Day. For with matters of the heart, wonderful feelings can emerge for those you love in your life, which of course may not be a romantic/partnership love, but any significant Love in your life — your family, your children, your friends, and of course even your “fur beings.”

What Love is for one person maybe so very different for another. However, there is no question that whomever you love — he, she, and/or they are the most meaningful force in your life. And often we express that feeling with hearts on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year on birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

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