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Mother’s Day after you’ve lost mom… - Suzane Northrop

Mother’s Day after you’ve lost mom…

Mother’s Day after you’ve lost mom…

I decided to scan through my past-year newsletters during the coming month of May. That action made me realize that I’ve been doing newsletters for close to 20 years in one way or another!
In all of those newsletters, I was thinking of Mother’s Day and flowers in May. May and Mother’s Day clearly go hand and hand.
Reading through those newsletters, there were sessions all about moms, including hearing so many women losing their moms while the daughters were pregnant themselves; losing moms when really young; moms that couldn’t care for the kids, and so another family member raised the kids and she was like a mom.
The list goes on and on.
There are just too many mom stories in the “Naked City!”
Remember the books written about the relationship with moms? Probably close to the most significant relationship we have from the beginning of our earthly lives.
In a way, you listeners are “my family.” I have had so many meetings through all the years, and have heard stories about those you loved. I also have heard so many stories about those who have missed their moms who have crossed over.
As most of you know, my mom just crossed over on March 24th. So, reading all those newsletters was very cathartic, heartfelt, and significant to my own relationship with my mom.
I received so many beautiful letters recently. Here is one letter in particular that I felt was truly worth sharing. The letter sums up the significance of so many newsletter stories and letters that I’ve heard and shared throughout my life’s works.
This letter was in response to my April 2022 newsletter, regarding Helen Louise Northrop, my mom:
My Dear Friend, 
Such a lovely message. There just is no preparing for the loss of your Mom… or Dad, regardless of the relationship or lack of… Previous difficulties as well as the most wonderful memories bleed through. As they should in the process we are so aware of. Yet, even knowing, the loss can often come in stages, (thankfully), as no matter how old we are, these individuals were and often are, our home base, so to speak. Naturally, we have grown in our own ways during the journey – but the constant of knowing they were on the planet… well… then time shifts – 
   You are so generous in the “work” that you do with such a full heart. You have brought peace to so many during your wonderful journey. I love watching you share – it’s like you can feel the pain of grief lighten just a bit, and as time moves forward, the ones you share with can recall your reassurance of their loved one being “ok” and near.
Well, I couldn’t have said these words any better. I wanted to share this with all of you.
Happy Mother’s Day, don’t forget the flowers!
Warm and love,
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