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Sending Love to all as my Valentine - Suzane Northrop

Sending Love to all as my Valentine

Sending Love to all as my Valentine

Welcome to the Month of St. Valentine’s Day and Matters of the Heart
Nowadays, there are so many books, podcasts, and articles being offered to the public about death, grief, loss, and matters of the heart. One of the most profound and significant needs written about during the current “pandemic” is a person’s not being able to touch and hug a friend or family member who cannot be visited, due to the “pandemic” rules. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever experienced the loss of touch that we are experiencing now.
In the twenty-plus years of writing my newsletter, I’ve never had to write a newsletter such as this. But then again, we’ve never had a “lockdown” like this before.
Throughout all my sessions, large and small, I’ve heard over and over again, the need for a person to be able to touch mom, grandpa, and/or grandchildren, etc., especially when a family member is in the hospital, nursing home, or care facility, and the family knows that their family member will soon be making their transition. Sadly, there will be no friend or relative who can comfort the person transitioning, due to the “pandemic” rules. Thank God for all those caretakers who are there to take care of the patients, for example by holding the hand of a person who is about to transition.
I’ve always loved to talk about children writing to their mommy, daddy, or sister or brother on a Valentine’s Day card. At the other end of the age spectrum, a spouse may find a saved Valentine card for every year of their 40 years of marriage. These are matters of the heart.
I’ve said for years about my work and the messages that have been received and given, it’s the little things that are always the most important, and felt. That’s never been truer than at this time.
I want to also say that, during these times, I believe and know without question that so many of you have connected with a loved one in Spirit, as many have shared their experiences with me. In part, spirit connection has occurred more often recently due to the fact that we are much more accessible within our homes. No longer running here, there, and everywhere. Instead, we have time to spend some special moments of reconnection with departed loved ones at home.
I’m sure some of you are bringing out those old board games, maybe with the grandkids or grandparents online. This month is the perfect time to send a special Valentine. Draw those Valentine cards and send them via snail mail for those who are not online. Or call, text or email your Valentine from your phone, iPad, or computer. Reminder: Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14th.
Also, don’t let this coming Valentine’s Day of Love go by without sharing your Love. For, as Jackie DeShannon (and other musical artists have) sang, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…” You can watch and hear Jackie DeShannon perform that wonderful song, here.
NOTE: On February 9th, Samantha Khury, a world-renowned animal communicator, will appear on my webinar
Love to Everyone! And a Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL!
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