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Do try and listen…you just might get a message. - Suzane Northrop

Do try and listen…you just might get a message.

Do try and listen…you just might get a message.

Happy Month of May!  And yes {{{{{drum roll}}}}} Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday May 10th (5/10/20).
Here in the Northeast there has been so much rain this past month, making the lockdown easier to tolerate, and reminding me of the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”
Yes, the flowers, plants and trees are now blooming in what we have traditionally called “the merry merry month of May.”
Ah yes, May. Most certainly a time to get outside and smell those flowers. I’m aware that for many folks in the cities this is no easy task. But I’ve noticed grocery stores and super markets are selling flowers and even some florists have dared to open.
Perhaps you are lucky enough to have access to a rooftop garden from which you can give out a shout!  Or maybe there is a park nearby that is not closed. One of my favorite places, Central Park, has been open during the crisis and is helping Manhattan folks stay sane.
Some more good news—I have more time to care for my garden. It’s always a mess this time of the year after winter!
It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mother’s Day can bring up emotions that are known to each and everyone of us, especially if your mom is on the Other Side. If your mom is in Spirit, Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder of losing her, and missing the hugs and times you shared. I can’t tell you how many folks I have connected with who still feel the loss of their mom after many years. Still, never forget that if your mom is on the Other Side, she wants you to know so that she is there with you, and can hear your thoughts. It’s more difficult for us to tune into our love ones in Spirit and receive their messages, but do try and listen…you just might get a message.
Of course if you are a mom, and have a mother who is still here with us, the lockdown and social distancing rules can make family gatherings difficult but not necessarily impossible. Get creative, and stay within the law.
Actually, having free time does allow us to catch up with relatives and old friends, via group texting for example, or Facebook, or a Zoom call, etc. In a way, literally, we can all connect, even if it’s just a phone call.
Although today’s times are very tough, what I also know is that the human spirit is amazing. We can and will overcome this crisis which apparently has started to ease. If you are in a position that allows you to help others, do so! Maybe just share an idea on how to cope, or just listen—especially to those who live alone. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Special thanks to all those wonderful inspired folks who are taking care of others.
Yes, this is a time to dig deep time and get through. We are all here for a reason.
As someone who is so often on the road, I’ve had to accept what the deal is for now, and honor what is necessary for all of us, because we all affect each other in one way or another.
Even in today’s environment, I’m doing one of my favorite things in life—teaching—through Zoom, and loving it. Teaching has been one my first and most important loves, and I’ve been teaching for over 35 years now. With this new technology, I’m able to teach in a different way. Granted, it’s not my preference. I would rather be in a room interacting with people in person, live. But still, the Zoom stage has proved to be very exciting.
All of my on-going webinars are listed on my site. Also, I’m also able to do small groups, and privates. Just like I always did, but in a different way.
Sending my thoughts of love to all of you during this extraordinarily difficult time. Keep praying, and know that your prayers are being received and heard. Wishing that all your prayers will be answered.
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