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Daddy’s Little Girl - Suzane Northrop

Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl

So here we are at the end of August where everyone is still celebrating weddings and end of summer parties. Many a hotel is booked for events, and many a hotel is quite happy about it!  Of course I guess with all this the most major event is that labor day is around the corner.  We will however keep enjoying this wonderful time of summer.

As I always say, one of the most special and privileged things I get to have and enjoy is the importance and significance to connect with many people’s loved ones and father’s or daddy’s girl. Being able to affect and make a huge difference in many lives.

I was reminded recently in a session where a young mother had just lost her father. Having a newly born little girl just added to her missing her father and feeling that he wouldn’t be around to see his granddaughter.

Of course we know he’ll be around just not the way she would naturally want him to be. I remember one of her words in describing her father and it stuck with me and I found it in some way very profound and in another, the perfect description of what many a father should mean to all of us.

She said, “he was the salt of the earth”!  I breathe in those words and feelings. How wonderful this young woman’s childhood was with her dad, and how that will be in her heart and soul throughout her life.

Yes, her sadness is that he has passed over to the other side of life but she had the experience and love to have such a beautiful man to grow up with and yes, have her be daddy’s girl.

I talk about interconnected relationships in my book Everything Happens for a Reason and it is so true, those first experiences do stay with us our whole life and do effect all our relationships.

One thing I know for sure is, she will certainly be instrumental to make sure her daughter grows up knowing what it’s like to be daddy’s girl.

I have no doubt she would choose a father, husband and friend/partner who will give the same to their daughter.

We learn by what we see and are taught.  So if your father is here alive, celebrate whatever your relationship is, of course if you can and if not send out thoughts from afar. If your dad’s in spirit know you will be heard and felt and if you feel the need to forgive him then know you can do that as well.

Summer is generally a time when we can pass down those wonderful memories to our nieces, nephews, sons and daughters of spending time just playing. Yes, just playing because those are by far the memories most children and young people will remember.

Remember always, memories are forever.



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