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Changing of the Seasons - Suzane Northrop

Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the Seasons

Fall is here, and it’s time to let summer go…with it’s own rhythm and flow—an approach we all can and should learn from.  That’s right, go with the ebb and flow, in this case the changing of the seasons, and prepare for a new beginning following our wonderful summer.
I have noticed that there is something about the transition from summer to fall that triggers our minds to prepare emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for what we need to focus on. For the kids and their parents, of course, the focus is on “Back to school.”  But beyond that obvious example, there is something in us that naturally makes us think about change.  Since that program is already part of our existence, i would suggest that you use the program to your advantage and see if there’s something new you’ve wanted to do, and go for it!  For instance, begin another phase of your spiritual quest, remembering first and foremost, that we are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies for this current time on earth.
When we begin something new, there is no guarantee of course that everything will go perfectly.  For example, one of the issues that came up during my recent Omega workshop was from people who had started meditating and were getting headaches. While this does not happen to the majority of people, it is not all that uncommon.  Usually the headaches are more intense in the beginning and soon go away, but then every once in a while the headaches return.  I believe this phenomena has to do with the fact that your brain—or “muscle” (if you will)—is being used in a different way.  Everyone knows this kind of thing happens when you haven’t exercised in a while—your muscles let you know about it.  The same thing happens during meditation because you are not used to working your brain in that fashion.  But hey, like with everything else, the more you practice meditation, the easier it becomes.  Just don’t overdo it!  Pay attention to what your mind may be saying.  If you get a headache, then just take it easy for a while.  The early discomfort will usually be outweighed by the benefits.  As many gurus and self-help people will tell you, meditating is a practice that can be so very rewarding.  Whereas prayer can be thought of as talking to God, meditating is like listening to God, and/or your higher consciousness within, which is “God” to some.  And every time we perform either of these spiritual practices—prayer or meditation—the activity brings us closer to connecting with and listening to our loved ones in Spirit, our beloved DPs.
One new thing I had to connect with this fall was cabling my huge pine tree.  I had learned that while the tree was very healthy and happy, if lightning or some other act of God intervened, my huge friend could fall and seriously damage my house.  I knew that I needed to do something new, and cabling arose as the answer. The basic idea is that one tree, in this case my sugar maple, and another tree, my big pine, would be “cabled” together.  If the pine gets hurt, the sugar maple could be of great help, and vice versa. For the trees themselves, it’s kind of like making a new friend you can depend on, and having him or her there to help you, as you coexist in the same connected community!  Think about it, and see if there is some new friendship that needs to soon begin in your immediate future this fall.
October for me is always a very busy month, and this year is no exception.  I will be traveling to Utah, California, and Toronto.  At the very end the month comes on one of my favorite holidays—Halloween—when I’ll be doing my fall seminar in Cromwell,  Connecticut.  As always, I look forward to reconnecting with many of you around the country, and the new folks who will join us for the first time, as part of their own new beginning.
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