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We Made it to 2023! Let’s Make it the Best Year Yet - Suzane Northrop

We Made it to 2023! Let’s Make it the Best Year Yet

We Made it to 2023! Let’s Make it the Best Year Yet

Every New Year is when astrologers, numerologists, and yes psychics, do their predictions.
As most of you know, all of my January shows, from blog-talk to webinars, address the new universal year of 2023.
My blog-talk feature will be the esteemed astrology Bill Attride on January 9th. On January 24th, my monthly webinar will be focused on numerology with the great Greer Jonas. 
A great way to get a view of what’s to come in 2023! Both Bill and Greer will be offering personal insights.
For the Chinese, the New Year of 2023 is the “Year of the Rabbit.” More specifically, the Year of the Rabbit starts from January 22, 2023, and lasts until February 9, 2024. Often, the Rabbit is focused on years like 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, etc. If you were born in one of those years, then you might be a considered a “Rabbit.”
All of the “Divinity Arts” can connect. You will find that the Arts overlap with astrology, numerology, and/or Chinese cultures. All of the Arts have been around for centuries, probably since the beginning of human times.
The stars have guided people all over the world, and numbers also say it all. There are passages in the Bible relating to birth, death, and special holidays, that have special meanings.
I’m asked all the time what this number “7” (2+0+2+3 = 7) means to me that I keep seeing. Of course, in my world connecting to a loved one who has crossed over, the connection is real. Also, there is also someone’s birth, even in our dreams. There are passages galore of dreams and numbers.
You know there is an energy change of your personal number upon entering the new year. Thus, why I have been chosen my esteemed guests on for the New Year 2023.
I have been a big believer that all of the energy changes are necessary in life, as our greatest teachers. It’s also the few times we actually slow down, reflect, and get a chance to reboot and lay plans.
A heads up: 2023 is a 7-year. Interestingly, 7 is the number concerned of all spiritualists, theologians, and many religious orders across the board. 7 is considered a “spiritual” number, like 7 chakras or 7 veils.
The meaning of the number 7 is in the Bible. The number 7 is relatively the foundation of “God’s word.” The number 7 derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to creation. There are 735 times (54 times in Revelation alone) in a certain Bible referenced to “7”, which is 2023.
2023! What a wonderful year, 7! It is my wish for a happy, healthy, and year of Love to give and receive.
Give a smile randomly when you see someone who could benefit from your own smile.
If you want to meet up this year, either in-person or virtually, I have a lot of upcoming opportunities! You can still grab a ticket to my in-person small group in Ft. Lauderdale on January 16h, a virtual small-group reading on February 1st, messages with Medium Cheryl Murphy on February 9th and I even have in-person tour coming up with Thomas John on. See all my upcoming events here.
Of course, also check out my Dead Peoples’ Society membership which is another aspect.
I love to connect and reconnect for the New Year 2023.
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