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Welcome to Another Month of Giving Thanks - Suzane Northrop

Welcome to Another Month of Giving Thanks

Welcome to Another Month of Giving Thanks

Each year as we approach the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving, we take on a whole other way of giving thanks. This year we have so many people to thank during the lockdown phase. Those in the medical field, teachers, food providers, sanitation workers, police, firefighters, truck drivers, caretakers, and so many more who have given their energy to help provide for others.
Today’s happenings will provide many memories in the years to come.
Fond memories are personal to each of us. We all feel different emotions, and are often touched in a way that we know is truly important.
Now we know how difficult this world can be in 2020 with the “pandemic” and lockdowns, forcing us into connecting with others in different ways. But there are still precious moments we can be thankful for. Special moments will come to the forefront when we all have to decide about how to spend our holidays. Travel is difficult so if you and your loved ones are too many miles apart, you may have to think of connecting in some other way, like Zoom, FaceTime, email, messages, etc. It is important to stay connected as best we can.
Of course, we want so badly to go back to that time where we could be together freely, but that does not seem very likely for everyone right now. Still, let’s stay together as best we can. While we are manufacturing ways to celebrate the holidays, all of the aforementioned workers will have more to do. If you are a worker, be thankful, because so many people have lost their jobs. If you can lend a hand to someone in need, that would be great. No deed is ever too small or insignificant. If you have lost your job, hang in there. Dare to think BIG.
Recently, I’ve had conversations with people who had previously wanted to retire from stressful jobs but now they are saying, “Hey! I can work from home and avoid that stressful commute.” These former commuters are now cherishing their work-at-home lifestyle.
Others who have started a new way of doing business (myself included) are getting things done in creative ways. There is no manual to consult, but we can pick up on things, use our imagination, and learn from experience. Whatever your situation, just do the best you can.
Have you noticed that there has been exceptional foliage this Fall? I would suggest that you make it a point to enjoy the beauty of Nature, and take a moment to breathe in fresh air.
Those Autumn colors, with the sun filtering through, have just been so brilliant this season. Again, if you can, take a walk into Nature. So far, the weather has been cooperating and supporting Nature’s wonderful beauty. I for one am taking in each moment I can.
On another note, please check out my new website, for I have so many very cool things coming up. For example, {{{{{Drumroll}}}}} I will once again do “Hope for the Holidays” sponsored by K92 in Roanoke. Plus I’m doing “Path 11,” a live event; a “Grief and Rebirth Podcast;” and a live Gallery event. On my website, there are also webinars, small groups, and the “Dead Peoples’ Society.” Lots to see and do!
As always it is my special honor to remain connected to those who wish to connect with me. Please take care, and be safe.
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