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Soon it will be Spring! - Suzane Northrop

Soon it will be Spring!

Soon it will be Spring!

Welcome to March! Soon it will be Spring. On March 19th, the Spring Equinox will arrive!
I absolutely love Spring! “Bring it on,” as they say.
A time to plant seeds, literally. It’s also a time to plant seeds in our lives—mentally, emotionally, physically, and of course spiritually—which Spring inspires us to do, naturally.
March also includes one of my most fun holidays—Saint Paddy’s Day! On that day, March 17th, many will be drawn to listen to Celtic music, dance an Irish jig, have a beer, and of course wear something green. It’s truly a fun holiday that is very much celebrated especially in Boston and most especially in New York City where we have the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.
In NYC, during the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, there are usually anywhere from 100,00—200,000 folks marching, and two million spectators watching! You can be sure that every Irish pub in Manhattan will be filled to the brim, with people laughing and having fun. At many a bar, the people celebrate by singing “Danny Boy!” I’d be happy to be one of them if my schedule would permit.
A couple of weekends ago, I held a quite wonderful and heart warming workshop. The audience was nicely mixed between men and women, and people of all ages, some of whom had exposure to mediums, and some who had not.
During the workshop, a sweet man asked me a question which I’d never been asked before, at least not in the way that he asked it. He asked, “Why don’t people talk about death, loss, and grief?”
The question really took me aback. I replied that our society in general is not comfortable thinking or talking about death. Moreover, American society devotes enormous amounts of energy to looking younger, and to doing things that are not associated with getting older and closer to death.
Also, “death” is a topic that so many people just simply want to avoid, although death in some shape or form is something that every single person here on Planet Earth will have to deal with.
To be clear, my work is about the living—those who are here, in physical form. Our loved ones in Spirit who have passed over, are quite literally doing fine. It is we, the living, who have to grapple with the concept of death.
Again, that sweet man’s question really did take me aback, I guess because “death, loss, and grief” has been my whole life, and so natural to me, whilst among the population, the topic is not usually discussed.
However, lately, there have been many articles written about a certain “surge of spiritually.” Here’s a link to a sample article from the NY Times:
The topic of “death, loss, and grief”—the foundation of my life’s work—is now closer to the mainstream. So many things have changed since I started on this mediumship journey professionally, but that’s another story.
So, back to the sweet guy who asked the question that threw me (he is not alone in his search for spiritual knowledge, as you readers know). At the end of the workshop, he lighted up and said, “I get it. It’s all about Love!”
I couldn’t have said it better myself.
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