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Never Forget to Smell the Roses! - Suzane Northrop

Never Forget to Smell the Roses!

Never Forget to Smell the Roses!

A Belated Happy 4th of July!
This year, things have certainly been very different, a 4th of July that Americans have never experienced before. I’m sure that many of you had to invent a different type of holiday. Because nowadays, so many folks are nervous to even hug a friend or relative. It can be so difficult to connect with each other without those physical hugs we as humans so much need and want from each other.
Of course, in the past, the 4th was all about getting together at barbecues, pools, and beaches, and/or taking walks and hikes, etc. Today, those activities are not as popular, tho in NYC the government “opened” the ocean and allowed swimming this past July 4th weekend.
I’ve noticed that people have been calling into radio and TV shows asking the “media doctors” questions like, “Should I go visit my family or friends since I’m 75 and diabetic?” Well, we certainly know the answer to that for some—it’s a flat out NO!
But for others, the risks are worth it (assuming everyone is on board). To each his and her own.
So, why is this lockdown happening? Well, there is a reason. Here goes my take on things, a policy that I have expressed in my book “Everything Happens for a Reason!”
We all in life have to sometimes dig deep, and do the “right” thing, and show respect for others. A friend of mine thinks the mask requirements are ridiculous but he wears a mask when going into stores and when passing by other people wearing masks who are concerned for their own safety. Although it may be uncomfortable to stretch ourselves and do things we would not normally do, a necessary part of life is to show respect for others. See the reason?
I know how hard this new environment is for so many, especially younger folks who want nothing more than to hang with friends and enjoy the Summer. In the past, kids were just trying to have a good time before the school year began. Now we’re not sure what will happen in the Fall. Or even tomorrow. So enjoy today, and every “today” that follows!
The son of a friend of mine told his dad he couldn’t come and see him unless the father remained quarantined. The father said flatly, “I’m not doing that.” Hmmmmm, it’s usually the parents that are the teachers of respect. But things can work both ways. Again, there are times in our lives that we do have to follow the “rules,” like it or not—like wearing a mask before going into the local store. Sometimes we also need to speak out when something doesn’t feel right, as has been happening.
But that needs to be done peaceably, in my view. Respect among protesters and the police needs to be a top priority. This way, we can have our voice, make a point to be heard, and hopefully have a positive impact while preserving everyone’s safety.
Here’s hoping you enjoyed your 4 th of July holiday. Please continue to enjoy the rest of the Summer which really has just begun.
Update. As most of you know, I’m not traveling now but am connecting in all the ways possible during this challenging time. Until we see each other in person again, I send to you all of my thoughts of love.
Never forget to smell the roses. My thoughts are with you.
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