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Deck the Halls with Love and Joy! - Suzane Northrop

Deck the Halls with Love and Joy!

Deck the Halls with Love and Joy!

Yes, time to Deck the Halls after a warm and loving Happy Thanksgiving. We can remember those precious moments of “Giving Thanks”.
Now is December. A time when we can share things with friends, old and new, from the corners of our lives.
Mostly, we can join in with the little and big kids who are special in our lives. Of course, letting that kid energy spill into our own lives can make us feel like kids again.
I have heard from so many folks who intend to do all the things they wanted to do last year but did not, and are now trying to re-do those things this year.
Traveling, visiting friends, meeting loved ones, and opening our hearts and doors to those who so much need contact now—especially those that won’t have a loved one at the table. But those DPs (Dead Persons) will be there in Spirit, mark my words.
I have encountered so many folks who have lost loved ones who have just crossed over. Often, deaths occur during the same week, or within two weeks or a couple of months.
Many folks would be missing a loved one at the table, but the DPs will be there in spirit. If a child has crossed over, during Hanukkah or Christmas, reflecting on the loss will be one of the deepest grieving experiences. There may be a silence in the house. My deepest thoughts of Love go out to all of you.
Keep and remember those hugs in the past that are remembered throughout the year. Scenes can remain in your memory since memories reappear, and no one can ever take those memories from you.
I just visited one of my favorite places, Roanoke, Virginia, for my yearly “Hope for the Holidays” event. Roanoke is always a very special event. Last year we had to do things via Zoom, and quite honestly, it wasn’t the same. So this year, things were even more special, in person.
By the way, Sandy Goodman, author of the book “Love Never Dies,” tells a mother’s journey from loss to Love. My dear friend Sandy is one of those amazing people who lost two sons, and I asked her how she celebrates the Christmas holiday. Sandy has given me her yearly list of things to do, and here they are:
1) Hug those you love and those who need love. Thank them for being in your life.
2) Make a list of whom to shop for, or those you want to touch during this season of love.
3) Purchases candles to burn throughout the month to remind those that love is immortal and you want to celebrate the lives of those we know even if we can’t see them.
4) Prepare and mail out cards to those who grieve and those who love them.
5) Plan and carry out huge random acts of kindness, ones your loved ones would have loved you doing.
6) Decorate things that make people smile and make your home smell of nature.
7) Call, or visit those that you feel a connection to.
8) Know always in your heart your loved ones hear you and laugh with you in joy as you think of them during the holiday season.
As always, I hope the Holidays, whatever you believe to be true for you, are filled with Love and continued memories.
True to my December connections, I’ll be doing an event with Thomas John at our December event in Sturbridge. Also, I’ll be returning to Florida for live in-person events in February. Of course, check out my calendar for more upcoming events.
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